Stone cast

Moulding City’s line of Stone-Cast Fireplace Mantles combines the look, texture, and durability of natural stone with the diversity and detail of the pre-cast design. A wide range of styles and colour combinations that can match any architectural setting is available. The models come in various sizes that can accommodate any fireplace, be it gas or wood-burning. Whether you seek a quaint design, or a more intricate one, Molding City has your solution.

Stone-Cast over-Mantles and hearths can accessorize a mantle to produce a complete floor-to-ceiling unit that can enhance the appearance of the entire wall, and add character to any room.

Stone-Cast products are reinforced and contain aggregates that provide tensile strength that exceeds that of alternative products. The installation procedure is simple for any tradesman or do-it-yourselfer. The standard colours are achieved by altering the composition of the product itself and are not the result of painting. This provides the client with a product that can be installed in the exact condition that it was manufactured, eliminating the need for painting.